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     prices   int-208-Trailer          € 2.750,= Transport €    250,= installation            €   450,= led lights               €   295,=
all prices are excl VAT
We have developed the int-208-Trailer aspecialy for stacking trailers with 1, 2 or 3 axxes with the capacity of 3500 kg a trailer can be empty or loaded parked on the lift  Because of the high liftingheight and a drivetrough height of 2,45 mtr , can an other trailer with or without car or boat be parked under the lift. But also a Van or Camper With the drivetrough width of 2.80 mtr , the widest Trailers can fitt the lift . The Ramps can be movable so width and small Trailer fitt the lift  The drawbar can be supported with rubberblocks or with the included bar        
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