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2 post parking lift
Capacity 2300 kg, 220volt 1 ph.    2100 mm Free space under.
As the name suggest this is the more economic implementation of the int-tpp-1132 The lifting height is the same and also the system of sharing the same column between 2 lifts is identical. So these lifts are also modular  extendable so infinite link to each other , see picture below. The column height is just about 3 mtr wich is more ideal for low ceiling. Also the foot lenght is less , (made possible by the lighter liftingweight)  wich makes it easyer to drive the car under the lift (more room). This makes the lifting capacity lower , 2300 kg, but in Europe the most cars are under the weight of 2300 kg, this goes also for the most classic cars  Thats why the int-eco-1123 is more friendly priced as € 2750,= for a starting model (2 columns)   
Due to the shorter feet, the drive under-space is more comfortable
Control box and motor- unit mounted on one column
Synchronous chain for ideal synchronisation
Control with keyswitch and emergency stop (lockable)
Telescopic cylinders for stable lifting
Endswitch for save  stopping on any preset height.
Cost chart
+€ 2.150,=
Based on the table above, you can calculate how much space take by the necessary lifts and what the purchase costs will be .In example shown five lifts. This is only as an example, there can also be 2 or 10  coupled to each other. 
Due to the shorter feet, the drive underspace is more comfortable
Standard electric locking
€ 2.750,=    +€ 2.750,=  +€ 2.750,= +€ 2.750,=   +€ 2.750,=
2555 mm
12090 mm
9705 mm
7320 mm
4935 mm
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installation manual installation manual
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€ 2.750,= Start model 2300 kg € 3.500,= Start model 3200 kg €    250,=        Transport €    750,= installation €    250,= remote control (wireless)
lift capacity 2300 kg color RAL7011 current  220volt, 1ph or 400 volt, 3 ph working electric/hydraulic Locking Automatic every 10 cm
All prices are excl.VAT
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