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Fully automatic parking system

independent, works with keycard or code


The int-PSH-auto is a fully automatic parking system, by a code or a

key card, the desired vehicle will come down.

the lower platforms can slide, left and right, so 

there is always room to lower the top car.

the configuration is always 3 in a row, but there can also be 2 systems, for example

be linked so that there can be 6 cars above and 5 cars below.

The lower cars can then all slide to the left or right

Also for outdoor use.

The system is also suitable for outdoor use, summer and winter.

For office buildings or apartments, for example

everyone with his or her car at all times.



A setup for a total of 11 cars 6 above and 5 below

gives the most space profit

At the office or apartment

everyone always has his / her own parking space

this way the standard parking space is doubled

and the cars are still easily accessible

The system can be customized if necessary


automatic moving platforms

high free space under platform


low approchfor low cars

automatic locking

input by code

chain lifting for stable and safe lifting







int-PSH-auto for 5 cars          € 17.500,=

int-PSH-auto for 11 cars         € 38.500,=

installation                            on request           

trasport                                 on request     

all prices are excl vat


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