3 high carstacker

In contrast to the int-208-triple, the int-2625 has 2 recessed platforms, so that the ramp height is not 22 cm (as with the int-208-Triple) but only 15 cm. The int-2625 is also more compact with only 4 columns.

The int-2625 is a newly developed 3-layer version that is used as a 3-layer stacked parking lot. The system is used for valet parking or storage, the platforms move vertically and when descending the upper platform falls completely over the lower platform so that the ramp height is very low and even low cars can be driven onto the platform without any problems. The lower platform carries ​ the top platform upwards, where it stops and hangs in the latch. The lower platform goes down again, where it picks up the 2nd car and brings it to the desired height. So only the bottom platform has the move-and-carry system.

1:   Column

2:   carrier plate

3:  Dust /Oil Catch Plate

4:  Driveway

5:  End Protection

6:   Pump

7:  Lower platform

8:   Top platform

9:   Sidebar

10: Electric lock

Emergency stop

key switch

Anti-fall lock

Safety brake

overload brake

24V control current

pressure relief valve

limit switch


- Commercial Grade

- Overlap platform design

- total height only 15 cm

- Entry width 2492 mm

- Powder coating Ral 7011

- Dynamic fall protection

- Dust/oil drip cover

- Main switch/key

- TUV Rheinland certified

Model nr.

load capacity

Gross weight

Usable height

Device height

Usable width

Total width

total length

Drive height


Pump motor

Electricity needed

control voltage:

Operating model

Lifting speed:

Surface treatment



Ground floor unlimited, 2nd floor 2500 kg and 3rd floor 2000 kg

2000 kg

Floor 1850 mm, 2nd floor 1600, 3rd floor to ceiling height


2492 mm


5060 mm



3 kW

230 V single phase


Main switch


Powder coating



€ 8.850,=          int-2625                            
on request         Transport    
on request        installation    


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