Lifting height max 4,5 mtr 

The int-High-4,5 is a parking lift with a lifting height of
max 4.5 mtr.
This can be used to go to a 2 th floor or to
a basement. The lifting capacity is 3500 kg so many cars
fitt on the lift, it possible
to drive up and down the lift from both sides.

It is equipped with metal intermediate plates between the runways

and metal walking plates on the side of the runways. This
gives a platform of approximately 3200 mm x 5100 mm

so that it is easy and safe to get in and out of the car at height.

The center plates can also be loaded .

But also easily removed

If the lift is used as a carlift to a floor, the

piles should be attached to the second floor, so as to reduce the forces

of the on and off driving car.

You have to take care of this yourself

             Techn. Data
loading capacity   3500 kg
lifting height         4500 mm
Power                   230 volt 1ph
Fuse                     16C(slow)
system                  electro/hydraulic
color                    grey Ral 7011
locking                 automatic every 10 cm


€ 12.500, =             int-high-4,50

on request              Transport

€        25,=              Hydraulic oil per 5 liter jerrycan

                               (for tis lift you need 15 liter)

on request           installaion

all prices are excl vat