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4 post double parkinglift 2 x2250 kg
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Prices int-XLT-2+2 BIG     € 4.950,= Aluminium Ramps ( can be taken off)    €    250,= ( a pair 2 pieces) Aluminium plates covering the hole lift   € 1.500,= Casterset (to move the lift around)       €     250.= Jacktray ( rollable to put a jack in) €     175.= installation               €    750,= Transport              inquire  
All prices are excl. VAT
€ 4.950,=
2 x 2250 kg (total 4500 kg Lift capacity ) 2,20 mtr liftingheight , 2,08 mtr Free space (under lift)
This is the heavyer model of the int-XLT-2+2 The lift is wider , can lift higher and much heavyer cars. More room to get in and out of the cars and more room to handle the cars underneed Standard supplied with: - Manual locking system ( one handle for all 4 lockings) - Anti cable breaking device - Endswitch to adjust the max. liftingheight  - 24 Volt electrobox (save) - works on 220 volt 1 ph (Fuse 16 C) Electro\hydraulic with cylinder and cables     
Optional Aluminium Ramps Standard are the foldable ramps like on all our other lifts   
Optional : Aluminium plates in the middle , between the runways and in the middle  Standard : 6 plastic oildripping plates ( 3 on each side.)
Motorunit mounted on the post , on the rear left hand side  or in the front right hand side
Low aproach for low cars.
€    295,= LED light, 6 lights a 115 cm x 2cm x 3,5 cm                                   incl. remote control and installation kit