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  We will attend at the folowing shows   -Bremen Classic Motorshow        01-02-2019  tot  03-02-2019 -Retro Classic Stuttgart     07-03-2019  tot  10-03-2019 -Techno Classica Essen               10-04-2019  tot  14-04-2019 -Klassikwelt Bodensee Friedrichshafen  10-05-2019  tot  12-05-2019 -IAA Heritage Frankfurt 12-09-2019  tot  22-09-2019    
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We have a new lift in our program int-208-triple , 3 car Stacker   € 6.750,=
Go to int-208-triple Go to int-208-triple go to int-208-trailer go to int-208-trailer
There will be new lifts comming soon see pictures Mail for more info
Int-XLT-2+2-wide  wider Model
int-XLT-2+3 for 3 small cars on top
4 post Double parker 2+2 High 3,45 mtr high
Give us your measurements of your garage, shed or warehouse  and we will draw the desired parkinglift into your place.
Special parkinglifts for trailers with car or boat    drivetrough width 2,80 mtr    long 2.35 mtr    lifthingheight 2,46 mtr    capacity 3,7 Ton
go to int-XLT-2+2 wider go to int-XLT-2+2 wider go to int-XLT-2+3 go to int-XLT-2+3 go to int-XLT 2+2-high go to int-XLT 2+2-high does it fitt ? does it fitt ?
3 High parking system,halfautomatic With mobile scissorlift , park a car without moving any other car
int-system-3 int-system-3
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