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3  high Stacker
Above: Calutaltion example
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3 x 3000 kg
By using 2 different Carlifts , 1 with a lifting height of 3,40 mtr and 1 with a lifting height of 1,90 mtr and to integrate these we now can offer a parkinglift that can stack 3 cars for a affortable price simple to install and with all the safety futures     
To see if the cars fitt under the lift you can make a simple calculation Height car 1 (on the floor)(B) + height car 2 (on 1e platform) (C)  = < 3150 mm For the dimenssion to the ceiling , 3 cars high  Car B + 15 cm + Car C +15 cm + Car E = < ceiling  
The lifts are equipped with all the needed safety. for example; Automatic locking on every 10 cm on every post 24 Volt controlbox , endswitch , Foot protection switch , folding Ramps to save space and height     
endswitch and footprotection switch 
Folding Ramps
small controlbox
good approch for low cars
3 dripping trays standard option: complete closed deck
Motorunit and electra- box
The lifts are linked together by using the same posts , verry stable . Always expandable for extra lifts. 
Modular expandable
technical data
power 230 volt 1 ph fuse   16 amp C(traag) weight total   1700 kg capacity   2 x 3000 kg
int-208-Triple € 6.750,= Transport €    350,= installation €    850,= set closing deck €    500,= €    295,= LED light, 6 lights a 115 cm x 2cm x 3,5 cm                                   incl. remote control and installation kit
prices are excl VAT
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